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Passover Unit Studies

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Help your child be more engaged this Passover with my Passover unit studies! Available for preschool all the way up to high school ages!


The Purpose

Passover is such a beautiful, rich, in-depth feast. There’s so much to it, and sometimes it can be hard to communicate all of that to our children. So, my purpose in creating these Passover unit studies was that it would engage your child in the Feast like they never had been before. They would learn all the different aspects of it-from Avraham all the way to Yeshua and see how it’s all connected.  


Mid/High School Unit

This unit study is designed for children ages 13-18 (or really even an adult that is just starting to learn about Passover). It is divided into three sections: Avraham and the Promise, Moshe and the Exodus, and Yeshua-the Passover Lamb. Each section has multiple pages that lead your child through the biblical passages and also pull-out significant themes about what they just read-inviting them to dive even deeper. The unit study features four comic strip style coloring pages to go along with the Exodus story, and it also features beautifully designed pages for each of the ten plagues with the biblical reference for each one and a detailed description of why each plague was so significant.






Elementary Unit

With all my unit studies, the mid/high school unit and the elementary unit are very similar. This is designed so that if you have multiple children you can have them work on them at the same time. The biggest difference between the two is that the wording, the questions, and some of the content is changed to be more appropriate for that age group.


The elementary Passover unit study is designed for children ages 6-12. It is also divided into three sections: Avraham and the Promise, Moshe and the Exodus, and Yeshua-the Passover Lamb and features the same in-depth study as the mid/high school unit, as well as the ten plague pages, except on a level that is going to be more appropriate for them. It features two comic strip style coloring pages, as well as two other coloring pages as well.


Preschool Unit

The preschool unit is something all it’s own compared to the other two. It is designed for ages 3-5, and it is divided into six days filled with play-based learning activities. Every day your child will start out with an illustrated portion of the story, and then engage in phonics, science/nature, motor skills, music, and art/sensory activities all based on that day’s story. The activities are designed to really engage your little one and to help break down some of those harder to understand concepts. This Passover unit study also includes a preschool Haggadah! This walks you through a very simplified version of the Passover seder, that still keeps the important concepts, but keeps it short and fun for your little one.

Creating these Passover unit studies was really important to me because I want to help families have a way to engage their children in the beauty of the feasts. For so long there’s been extremely limited resources for families trying to walk out a Whole-Bible faith journey, and it’s such an honor to get to be apart of making those resources more readily available. So many people’s eyes are being open to the truth about G-d’s Torah and living out His Word the way He intended, and I want to be able to help other families do that as best and as easily as possible. To order any of these Passover unit studies, head on over to my shop. 


Chag Sameach! And I pray you have an incredible Passover season!

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