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Shavuot Cheesecake Challah

Take your Shavuot gathering to a whole new level with this cheesecake stuffed challah! Easy to make and so delicious to eat!

If you didn’t already love celebrating the Biblical feasts, I think I could definitely persuade you to after you experience the FOOD.

For some of the feasts, there isn’t a specific food G-d commands us to eat, however, throughout the years certain foods have become traditional for each feast. For Shavuot that is eating dairy and honey. This is based off the tradition that the Torah was given on Shavuot and the quote by King Solomon that says, “Like honey and milk the Torah lies under your tongue” Songs of Songs 4:11.

So, cheese platters, cheesecakes, blintzes, kugels, and all the dairy foods your heart can dream of are what you can typically expect at a Shavuot gathering.

Today, we are going to combine a Shavuot favorite with a Shabbat favorite and make cheesecake challah!

Are you drooling yet?!

This recipe is based on one by @mandyliciouschallah on Instagram. She is the ultimate challah queen, so if you like to mix up your challah recipes, or you just need a good basic challah recipe, she’s your girl!

The key to a good cheesecake challah is to freeze small scoops of the cheesecake dip before stuffing the challah. By doing this, the cheesecake keeps more of it’s form, rather than melting right into the challah. Although it would still be delicious either way!

You may notice in the photos that my challah is a little more brown, that’s because I use coconut sugar instead of regular sugar. I also experimented with some whole-wheat bread flour this time, but it was a little too “healthy” tasting for my family’s preference. So, next time I would stick with regular white flour or regular bread flour.

tools you will need:

how do i make a cheesecake challah?

To make this challah, you’re going to start by making the cheesecake dip. This includes cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, and sour cream. Mix all together, and then using either a 1 inch cookie scoop or a small spoon, scoop the cheesecake dip out onto a baking sheet lined with either parchment paper or a silicone baking mat. Place in freezer for at least an hour.

While that’s freezing, you’re going to start on the challah. For this you’re going to follow the basic challah recipe down below from @mandyliciouschallah. The recipe is for two challahs, so after the first rise you’re going to separate the dough into two.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Take each half and cut it into three equal parts. You could use a scale for this if you want it to be exact, but I just eyeball it. Roll each of the thirds into a snake.

Then, take each snake and, using the rolling pin, roll them out sideways to make room to stuff them.

Take the cheesecake dip scoops out of the freezer. Place at least three onto each strand of the challah, or more if you have smaller scoops. But be sure to leave a little room at the top and bottom of the strand.

Next, you’re going to pinch the sides of the strand together to close it up. Make sure it’s closed at the top and bottom as well, so that it doesn’t all leak out in the oven.

Now, you’re going to take the three strands and braid them together.

Once braided, either place them on a lined or sprayed baking sheet or bread pan. Apply egg wash, and then you can either leave it plain, or add cinnamon sugar on top (which is what I did), or you could add crumbled graham crackers on top of the egg wash.

Repeat for second challah.

There’s not a second rise with this challah, because then the cheesecake dip would begin to thaw. Stick the challah in the oven to bake from 25-35 minutes or until no longer doughy in the middle.

This challah does take a little extra time because of freezing the cheesecake dip, but it’s totally worth it! Serve this cheesecake challah at a Shavuot gathering or really anytime, and it’s sure to be a crowd-favorite!

If you try it out, be sure to comment down below and let me know how you like it!

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