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Shavuot Spicy Date Honey Pizza

This pizza is sure to please any Shavuot gathering you attend this year! It’s spicy, it’s sweet from the date honey, and can be customized with any of your favorite toppings. Yum!

Shavuot is definitely not the holiday to go dairy-free on! Traditionally it’s a time to eat cheesecake, cheese platters, and all the dairy your heart can imagine! 

The reason for this is because King Solomon, when talking about the Torah, describes it as being sweet like “milk and honey”. And since it’s traditionally believed that G-d gave us the Torah on Shavuot, it’s become tradition to eat milk and honey based things.

So, why not combine both into a pizza this year?!


Tips for making this shavuot spicy date honey pizza:

tools you may need:



  1. Pizza dough (I used a store bought one, but you could definitely make a home-made one as well)
  2. Pizza sauce
  3. About 2-3 cups of Cheese (I did pepper jack, fresh mozzarella, and cheddar-a cup of each)
  4. Toppings (I used mushrooms because that’s what I had on hand, but jalapenos would be SO good on this!)
  5. Date honey 
  6. Flour to dust on the counter for rolling

how to make spicy date pizza:

  1. Preheat your oven according to the pizza dough instructions
  2. Flour your surface and roll out pizza dough.
  3. Grease pizza pan and put dough on pan
  4. Spread sauce on pizza dough
  5. Sprinkle cheese
  6. Place on toppings
  7. Place pizza in the oven according to dough instructions
  8. After pizza has cooled for 5-10 minutes, drizzle date honey across the top. 
  9. Enjoy!                                   







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