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What is Shavuot?

Shavuot, meaning “weeks”, is a Biblical festival celebrated in Spring/early Summer to offer first-fruits to G-d. 

What is shavuot? 

In the Old Testament, G-d gives us feasts and celebrations as a way to remember the things that He has done and to point to things that are coming. One of those feasts is Shavuot. 

After Passover ends, we count seven weeks leading up to Shavuot. This is a time of great expectation and excitement, especially as believers in Yeshua, as Shavuot is also when the events of Act 2 occurred. 


Where does the bible talk about shavuot?

Exodus 34:22 tells us, “Observe the festival of Shavu’ot with the first-gathered produce of the wheat harvest, and the festival of ingathering at the turn of the year”. 

Deuteronomy 16:9-11 tells us, “You are to count seven weeks; you are to begin counting seven weeks from the time you first put your sickle to the standing grain. You are to observe the festival of Shavu’ot [weeks] for Adonai your G-d with a voluntary offering, which you are to give in accordance with the degree to which Adonai your G-d had prospered you”. 

Numbers 28:26 tells us, “On the day of the first fruits, when you bring a new grain offering to Adonai in your feast of Shavu’ot, you are to have a holy convocation; do not do any kind of work”. 



One Shavuot tradition is to celebrate by eating dairy filled foods and foods with honey. This corresponds to what King Solomon said about G-d’s word being sweet like milk and honey. 

Another tradition is that Moshe gave the children of Israel G-d’s laws on Shavuot. This is seen as a ketubah (marriage covenant) between G-d and His people. That’s also why people will traditionally decorate with flowers, wheat, and branches, similar to how one would decorate a wedding canopy (chuppah). 

A third tradition is to stay up all night and read Torah and the book of Ruth, since the theme of wheat runs throughout Ruth’s story. 


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